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Royal Barns Restoration and Repair
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Royal Barns Restoration and Repair

Steven Skellett of Royal Barns

Steven Skellett
20685 Sharps Run Rd.
Stewart, Ohio 45778
Call (740) 662-5016


or email us at  royalbarnsrestorationandrepair@gmail.com

Working in Ohio, West Virginia ,Pennsylvania and Indiana

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 We do new barns from ground up as well as restoration and repair.  For your free estimate give us a call.

We can restore your barn to its original purpose of serving you and your farm. With 1150 barns completed since March, 2000 in 5 different states, we have brought sincere satisfaction to many different people who own these barns. Turning old barns into homes, garages, commercial stores, pole barns, and yes restoring them back into barns is our passion.

Royal Barns is a unique operation of preserving old barns for the property owners. Across Ohio we have promoted the awareness of barn owners to view their barns not only as historic icons but also as revitalizing the serviceability of an old barn to today’s demands.

Royal Barns, has seen “once in a life time” special features in barns that can tell stories and agricultural history found only on a hillside, or in a local valley, or on the top of a hill that brings back to the life the value and characteristics that makes an old barn an icon.

Ohio barns, with all of their historic architectural context, many different maintenance requirements are needed to be reviewed. From the Pennsylvanian Germanic barns to the Connecticut Western Reserve, or the Virginia Military style barn; a program put together to restore and repair any historic barn is very challenging and also very rewarding for both us and the owners.

Some barns built by a German family have many different details than those that were built by an Irish family.  Interestingly, Ohio has many historic barns built by people from all parts of Europe. In the repairing of barns from 1797 in Athens County, to 1813 log barns in Fairfield County, to the very first log barns in Eastern Ohio, we find people who care and want to restore these family heirlooms.

During our first efforts to view all the repairs, we try to total all the different projects into one total price. Each repair project is different.  Large stone bank walls that are leaning may cause the need to jack the barn up off the wall, digging out the outside wall and then jacking the stone wall back straight and then setting the barn back in place. Sometimes the barn itself will need to be structurally moved as well.  Other needs include Beam replacement, Post replacement, Log joist replacement, wall structure restored, rafters replaced, roof slats replaced, and also roof repairs.

We can put on new wood siding, or new metal siding depending on the barn and the owner’s discretion. When a metal roof has served its purpose and is over 100 years old; we can install a brand new roof in its place.  New doors installed, new windows installed. All of these projects are different because many barns were not all built at the same time in history.